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You may ask yourself what is the main goal in finding an engineering solution?  The desired results may vary but cost is usually the largest driving factor.  But how can this be achieved without compromising on quality?  At Staytite we think we have the answers…

We provide an engineered solution rather than the lowest cost when we are looking for customer savings.  We offer solutions that give engineered costs savings i.e. assembly; quality; or process cost savings.  It depends on the individual customer’s needs; we evaluate the total assembled cost, which could include a reduction of part numbers, a change in plating finishes or rationalisation of parts.  These are all different tools to try and save the customer time and money.

Once we know the purpose of the customer’s application we can advise on the best fastener to suit.  We prefer to support customers with standard parts, but in most cases customers have their own specific requirements they need to meet and as experts in our field we can support that with our experience of overcoming many issues such as corrosion resistance, galling and end of life cr6/cr3 issues. 

Ensuring we can offer the customer the most up to date technology is important.  A fastener isn’t always the best solution and we’ve expanded the breadth of products we supply to support this.  With an ever-increasing range of over 6000 part numbers, we estimate that at least 70% of those are non-standard parts, designed to improve the quality and integrity of the customer application, they are customer bespoke.  Whilst the vast majority are still fastener based products we also supply tapes, glues, plastic plugs and all manner of fixings that the customer requires.

In our experience as fastener suppliers we find that customers rarely consult about fixing solutions at the initiation of a new design.  Our typical customer tends to think of fasteners last because they are the lowest value item and not their area of expertise.  Manufacturers are more focused on their core competence which may be the electric drive, or the internal ‘gubbins’ of the hydraulics units of a design and not necessarily the complete assembly which might use a complex and vast range of fasteners, clips, springs, plates and pressings etc, this is where we can come in and help. We can add value by sharing our knowledge to support better assembled designs which might include fastening technology the customer is not aware of, enabling Staytite to provide the most cost effective tailored solution. This strategy is not restricted to new design as we are able to take this approach to supporting customers on re-evaluating current design, we often get involved in tear down projects to look at cost of assembly in partnership with our customers.

Typical applications to support these initiatives incorporate a reduction of fasteners in assembly; part count reduction is something we have achieved with many of our clients.  Rationalisation of fasteners reducing part count supplied, driving out cost as it increases the volume of high running parts and eliminates more costly low volume items.  Improved assembly solutions using thread forming fixings to increase production rates and simplify parent part design.  Although assembly  design strives to remove fixings with snap-fit plastic mouldings etc. , we have never found a customer that has completely eliminated fasteners, so we tend to end up changing designs or supporting design changes from a development stage rather that an initial design phase for that reason. 

Recent successes in this area have achieved cost benefits of £100,000+ and savings in assembly times amounting to 100’s of hours per annum.

Many of our engineered solutions are a result of working in partnership with our customers.  Once we’ve shown our worth to the customer then we can expand what we sell.  So we develop ideas for our customers where we perceive there to be an engineering gain.  Those are easy wins which are beneficial to both parties which show how valuable these partnerships are to the ethos at Staytite of better engineered solutions. 

We provide our fastenings and engineering solutions to a range of industries.  We look forward to continuing our support for infrastructure projects including rail with products such as our vibration and loosening resistant Hardlock, all the way through to supplying small electronics fastening components using time-saving products such as our encapsulated washer Sems ranges.  Whatever the challenges are, we are ready to tackle them applying what we have learnt across a broad spectrum of industries.

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