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Thread Forming Screws

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Thread forming screws might also be referred to as taptites, or thread rolling screws. They are remarkable in that, unlike other screws, they do not remove any material. Rather, the fastening process serves to displace the material, thus forming the thread form. 

Using the tap principal of roll, thread forming screws create their own perfectly mated threads. They feature tapered points which, as they enter the pilot hole, work to simultaneously widen the hole whilst compressing the displaced materials. 

Thread forming screws are designed for use in a range of materials, including plastics, metals, and woods. They are suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings, and stampings, and they work in punched, extruded, drilled, or cored holes. As no thread tapping is required, fastening thread forming screws is always a quick and easy process.

There are many different types of thread forming screws available, including:

  • Hi-Low – For fast insertions and reduced cracking of materials
  • Trilobular – For metals and plastics, offering a greater resistance to pull out vibration
  • Stayplas 30 – For soft and medium density plastics, and for avoiding the splitting of the mating material

Thread forming screws are available in hardened or stainless steel, and we offer a wide selection of heads and drives. Browse our catalogue to view our complete range. 

Why Choose Staytite

At Staytite, we’ve been providing a wide variety industries with a complete fastening solution service since 1978, routinely working with businesses and OEMs in the aerospace, automotive, marine, IT, and telecommunications sectors.

View our catalogue for more information on our range of thread forming screws for plastic. If you are unsure which fastening solution is best suited to your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and one of our expert specialists will be happy to advise. 

To request a quote, or some free samples of our thread forming screws, call 01494 462 322, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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