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All Metal Lock Nuts

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Since our family-owned business was established in 1978, Staytite have supplied expert fastening solutions, including All Metal Lock nuts, to various industries. These include automotive, aerospace, IT and electronics and many more. The technical challenges that our customers provide together with our passion allow us to deliver unrivalled customer service and expertise.

All Metal Lock nuts, often referred to as Bi-way nuts, feature side indentations which slightly distort the centre thread. This creates a locking action when the distorted threads engage the threads of the mating part. The top and bottom of the nuts are the same, which means the nuts can be assembled from either side which reduces assembly and production costs. 

Our All Metal Lock nuts are also manufactured in accordance with DIN 980V so you can be assured of the highest performance. They are available in Class 8 Zinc and clear (Cr3) trivalent and we can also offer Class 10 and 12 nuts with a minimum lead time and batch quantity. 

You can view our vast range of All Metal Lock nuts within our catalogue which can be downloaded here.

Why choose Staytite for your industrial fastening solutions

  • We possess a vast wealth of knowledge and experience within industrial fasteners which has been growing for over 30 years
  • Our large and highly competitive range of cost effective fastening solutions fulfil the needs for various industry leaders. Not only that, but we also offer bespoke fastening solutions if required
  • Our dedicated team of fastening experts offer customer service to the highest standards which has helped large businesses meet productive requirements and targets

For more information on our range of All Metal Lock nuts, or to place an order, call our sales team today on 01494 462 322. Alternatively you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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