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Carp Nuts

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At Staytite we have vast experience of supplying fastener solutions, including Carp nuts for various industries such as automotive, manufacturing and aerospace. Since our establishment over three decades ago we have built strong relationships with industry leaders with our excellent customer service and unrivalled expertise. 

Carp Nuts are cold formed hexagon nuts combined with a conical washer. They possess significant advantages over traditional nuts which include:

  • One operation instead of two 
  • A halving of labour costs 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Easy installation in difficult and confined spaces 
  • Simpler stock keeping and inventory control 

As part of our vast experience of fulfilling industrial needs, Staytite hold large stocks of Carp Nuts in various sizes from M3 to M12 and materials from Stainless Steel to Low Carbon Steel.

Why choose Staytite

  • We possess an unparalleled wealth of knowledge that has been going from strength to strength since 1978 to meet your industrial needs
  • Our highly competitive range of cost effective fastening solutions fulfil the high standard of needs for various industries
  • We have a sophisticated and vigorous quality assurance process to be sure all of our fastener products and services are of the highest possible standard 
  • The specialist and dedicated experts offer customer service to the highest standards which have allowed industry leaders to meet their productive requirements

Take the time to review our fantastic range of Carp Nuts within our product catalogue.

For competitive prices and to request your Free Samples, call our expert team on 01494 462 322. Additionally you can email the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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